Hello and thank you for stopping by to visit my blog.  A little about me and my motivation behind starting this blog…

I have been happily married to my husband for fifteen years. We have two boys. Both are complete miracles of the Lord and that is a story in itself. I may write about that at some point but it is very personal and at this point, I’m just not ready to do that.

A while back, my pastor spoke about the gifts each one of us has been given and the importance of using them for His glory. I really couldn’t think of what I was particularly good at that was unique to me. Even when I thought about it, it kind of made me depressed. I cannot sew. I can sing okay, but not great. I can bake, but not decorate what I’ve just baked. I cannot play any sort of musical instrument. I am not a highly organized person.

My husband and I had many discussions about this. But he always came back to the same thing… He would say, “I think you have much to offer about how to be a good wife and mother.” But how is that useful? If someone wants advice, won’t they ask for it?

I did realize that a blog may be an outlet for this but there is a problem… I’m not a very good writer and my grammar is even worse. In addition to this, I don’t feel that creativity is my strength. Yet, there is a chance that there may be someone out there who might benefit from something I share. And so was born The Everyday Christian Mommy.

The Lord has blessed me with a full life, many experiences, and a teeny tiny bit of knowledge that I will be sharing with you here. I have spent much time considering what to write about and prayer asking the Lord to be honored, glorified, and praised by it. I do pray that you will be encouraged and be able to take something from this blog.

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